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"I’m not a transphobe but-"


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GF Music Box: Nadia

GF Music Box: Nadia

Every Friday, each GF team member will be sharing a list of 5 songs they’ve been jamming to during the week. This is our Music Box. Welcome and enjoy!

nadia Nadia Ouellet
GF Canada Coordinator


Nadia’s “Going Through Some Shit” Playlist –Mostly queer, mostly heartbreaking beautiful sounds

1. “Here is a Heart” – Jenny Owen Youngs


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‘Shame on US:’ White Rappers, Allyship, and the Macklemore Problem

‘Shame on US:’ White Rappers, Allyship, and the Macklemore Problem

noname-1-300x300 Kelly Fox
GF Queer Issues Correspondent

googleplusA little over a month ago, I wrote a piece that kind of blew up on the internet about why Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ was not my queer anthem. And while the comments totally missed the mark, as is perpetually the case on feminist sites, hello Lewis’s Law!, the experience taught me two lessons:

  1. There is nothing straight people, particularly straight white…

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Ban Bossy

Chloe Stillwell


When I first heard about Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, the book turned motto/organization, I assumed Sheryl Sandberg was a viral mommy blogger turned Today Show correspondent. “Lean In” as a concept is so beyond the realm of contemporary feminism, that I couldn’t help but assume Sandberg was another housewife with a national platform. In fact Sandberg is the COO of…

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Two Kellys Agree: Disagreements in Feminism

Two Kellys Agree: Disagreements in Feminism

profilepic1-281x300 Kelly Bennett
GF Canada Coordinator noname-1-300x300 Kelly Fox
Queer Issues Correspondent

Welcome to our column, ‘Two Kellys Agree’. We’re Kelly Bennett and Kelly Fox, and we’re going to write a column every week on a topic we agree on. Sometimes it’ll be negative, sometimes it’ll be positive. We try our best to be intersectional, but please call us out if we fuck up.


Two Kellys Agree; it’s like…

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Too Much Black Coffee: How Girls Get Silenced Through Their Bodies

Too Much Black Coffee: How Girls Get Silenced Through Their Bodies

Lola Davidson

*Trigger Warning for Eating Disorders and sexual harassment*

via http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Selfportrait_with_McFlurries.jpg)

via http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Selfportrait_with_McFlurries.jpg)

When I was in second grade I got cast as the understudy lead in a production of Little Red Riding Hood, there were no auditions, it was organized by my french teacher who decided she would pick the roles based on how stage-worthy (flirtatious)…

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Gay pride, 1970, USA


Gay pride, 1970, USA